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Villa Knolls Apartments Sister Community, For Rent Apts - La Mesa 91942 | RentVillaKnolls.Com

No Sister Apartments Found.
'; }else{ while($row=mysqli_fetch_array($sql)){ $lowercase = strtolower($row['SisAptName']); $alttexts = array("This ".ucwords($lowercase)." is affiliated with us. Please feel free to reach out to them.", "This ".ucwords($lowercase)." is one of our sister properties. We recommend viewing them.", "Click to view ".ucwords($lowercase).", a nearby sister apartment within the same company.", "Take a tour at ".ucwords($lowercase)." our lovely sister apartment complex nearby.", "Apartments are going fast at ".ucwords($lowercase).", a nearby apartment complex for rent and under the same management.", "Please feel free to view the apartments for rent at ".ucwords($lowercase).", our lovely sister property close by.", "Looking for rental options? How about visiting our sister property ".ucwords($lowercase).", we're confident one of our apartment locations will fit your needs perfectly."); shuffle($alttexts); $rand_alttexts = array_rand($alttexts, 3); echo ''; } } ?>